The single most important Apple Watch feature: usability

Above all things, what struck me yesterday was that the introduction of the Apple Watch felt almost like the introduction of the first iPhone. I re-lived this sense of 'Apple gets it', that has made this company so big.

The Apple Watch is going to do the same to the wearables industry as the iPhone did in 2007 to the smartphone industry: it's going to actually make it happen.

Usability first

Back then, these were the pinnacle of the smartphone market.

Smartphones 2007 — Credit:

And then there was the iPhone.

iPhone 1st gen

There's a reason the it become popular. True, it did not have the same specs as what was considered the standard at that time. Bit what it did, it did it in such a way, end users could actually achieve things they were suposed to do, but were unable to before.

Apple found a solution for what was seen as unachievable: make smartphones usable for the general public, instead of the tech elite.


The Apple Watch will probably do the same.

Apple Watch

What do you think? Are you going to purchase an Apple Watch? What is the single most important feature of the Apple Watch? Drop me a line if you'd like to discuss!