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These are my tweets that made the most impact recently: UX Invisible Design The Pitfalls of Inline Accordion and Tab Designs A Brief History of the Hamburger Icon User Experience »


Ooh, this is definitely something I'm going to use for quick timeline-based project meetings. It's called Timesheet.js and enables you to quickly generate a timesheet with just an array »

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These were my top tweets of last week: UX Designing Website Text for Readability If you have to explain it, you did something wrong as a designer. A list of »

The single most important Apple Watch feature: usability

Above all things, what struck me yesterday was that the introduction of the Apple Watch felt almost like the introduction of the first iPhone. I re-lived this sense of 'Apple »

Must read JavaScript books

I know, there are many JavaScript books out there. But these two are definitely worth looking into. (in my opinion) They helped me a great deal understanding the core principles »